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the artsy and us troops may soon be gone from afghanistan the pentagon is very bold with todd all troops after the us and afghan governments could reach of bilateral security agreement. what does this mean for the future of afghanistan. i got to have and the line between church and state blurs in the us military. more american service members have complained that religion has been forced on them during reading while on duty in depth look at this coming. a
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new study cast a wary eye on at monsanto the study claims that round out maybe we'll put more americans suffering from celiac disease. last but that's possible. i read once that i've yet to watch teams and easy. i'm carrie and boring or watching rt america the pentagon is preparing a full withdraw troops from afghanistan and by the end of twenty fourteen. president obama phoned afghan president's mind karzai on tuesday to discuss afghanistan's upcoming elections in the bilateral security agreement. since president karzai refused to sign a security agreement the white house said they will resort to the so called easier option. but it does actually do remain on the table. here's white house press secretary j carney
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the president has. yes the pentagon would. preparing for the contingency do there will be no troops in afghanistan beyond twenty fourteen. but we are also the remaining open to the possibility of a post twenty fourteen. true presence of the show with a bilateral security agreement he signed with the lab security could be something later in the year. for the stations over the security agreement have been at diplomatic mass karzai said tell me the signing of the deal to his successor. eleven people running for it seems when the election on april fed so the candidates have said they would sign the agreement with the us but many analysts say obama is trying to pressure karzai to prove in court and south by building a word that is the real option. this decision comes just a few days after u s military leaders submitted their
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recommendation for obama to keep ten thousand troops in afghanistan after twenty fourteen and what does the question. if president obama more concerned with the filling campaign promises of ending the war rather than completing the mission. could the afghanistan scenario play out like a clown doctor and two thousand allowed. they are the president renewed all us troops from the country either the us failed to reach the security agreement that would grant american troops immunity. today al qaeda has taken that key areas and as america's longest war nears its end. afghans and their neighbors are nervous about the resurgence in the region as well. pakistani officials have said they're concerned about the afghan military the ability to stand out the taliban and other fundamentalist groups the republicans on capitol hill say the us needs to keep special force is in drone bases and the country to continue america's own fight
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against the therapist. sell after billions in us dollars poured into propping up afghanistan to fight the taliban. what they are not ready to stand up for themselves. the first amendment of the constitution clearly established as a separation between church and state. congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise their eyes. much of this applied to the military still no religious freedom foundation has selected accounts from service members who say religion has been forced on them than mandatory military trainings is the case is a religious extremists in the military had even use religion as justification for going to war. archie is that amazon said turkey had once more. la wes is involved in has been debated for years islamic
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islamic islam. like any religion can be taken to an extreme and american soldiers are no exception even though the army in the end of a given that why don't you cry it's the enormous fundamentalist christianity is inextricably intertwined into the very dna of the technologically most lethal organization ever treated like human kind wishes are united states military. this act and us military officer asking for anonymity and fear for his safety says his life has been turned into a living by those he serves with because he's not christian. who are good but it did important work. the officer says he has reached out to higher ups for help only to receive threats of being stripped of his rank and kick out of the military it wouldn't work. what we're going to school. on. and was
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confirmed in court. two hundred and two. and it was the most. it was gone. one of the military religious freedom foundation represents over thirty six thousand active duty members of the us military ninety six percent of whom are christians coming to the urbanization feeling will pass for not being christian enough claims its founder i were dealing with the radical side of religiosity again not the islamic virtue. it was those fundamentals remain in christianity. well religion can certainly provide solace to soldiers out on the battlefield. we have a variety of denominations and faith groups of of protestant catholic muslim and jewish of buddhist hindu chaplain who serve in our military right nail up again so that our military personnel can exercise their religious liberties. i bought some extra see religious intolerance has reached unprecedented levels in the us military over the last decade when they're putting
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jesus the nurses for example on errands exchange for painting their friendly fire fighting vehicles with christian crosses in the middle of a muslim country or whether they're espousing a biblical verse to do this to muslims in afghanistan or iraq. these are dangerous people. even though a handful of attempts like providing fake sick kids to wipe off bible verse references on rifles. as well as addressing military courses involving jesus had been made over the years to eradicate the spread of religious extremism. insiders say significant change is unlikely. an aggressive stance towards anyone get a fellow soldier or foreign enemy takes warfare to a full new level with religions in addition to countries boxing on the battlefield spreading not just more violence and intolerance across borders as the teacher cannot eighteen. we are. and here are you who are from the council on american islamic relations. thanks for doing things randomly. slowly
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i were cuddling in this issue of christian extremism in the military will happen to me from a muslim perspective and as a civil rights group we tend to deal more with civil rights issues of the muslim. military personnel whether it's wearing pj have been a headscarf whether it's prayer whether it's being able to go on hodges member of the military to it to werribee it. oh we do on occasion get these reports of the cross with his nation put forward by either military personnel so it is an issue but i wouldn't say it's one of our biggest categories of work now and that the video we saw us soldiers wearing patches on their uniforms that could be considered offensive to people for muslims to visit us must remember to wear such labels. it's a balance between their freedom of religious expression of the creations soldiers and you want them to be able to express themselves are due to
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religion that's the right to say is it's the right of the most luminous taken a jewish person now. but you can't have a situation where you're forcing that religion on other military personnel and it doesn't say there's no any peace in the fox old swede who the military in your income that religion is an important thing to you but you shouldn't be in a muslim country of pushing your particular faith on people that you are supposedly there to help you shouldn't have overt religious symbols on your weapons and just as the common sense kind of thing that's that's not something you want to do. we would recommend it for muslim soldiers would recommend it for anybody but as i said our main goal as a civil rights organization is to make sure that all military personnel whatever that may have the ability to express themselves to practice their faith. and i just recently the military has come up with a broadening of religious
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rites and they've come under tremendous impact on the right wing when the military said that and we're broadening the right reasons to wear a headscarf as a muslim woman i had to wear a beard to to pray these kinds of things. it's not total freedom but the broad nose rights we actually congratulated him on that but this issue of trust with the station and when friends of religious symbols is one that we dealt with in the past. a lot of people have expressed concerns about the crusaders court jury that an english degree. yet we've seen that on occasion too with certain patches. there was even a doubt weapon system that was going to be used by the military called the crusaders hit the end that was eventually dropped thank god as we say. i'm glad to the issue and i think it's something that has to be dealt with by the opp officer corps in the military that it may just
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have to be of a clampdown on this kind of think of before it gets out of hand religious expression is my motto offensive or religious symbols that are proselytizing or meant to insult other faiths should be allowed and its military members are doing that they have effect that the moles on their uniforms and narita in another country cutbacks. i made were radicalization of private couple and she obviously these kinds of things in the most of the country are going to cause problems and we saw the situation where the soldiers for instance urinated on corpses and videotape themselves doing that i'll wear and other kinds of desecration as of this type of taking place there was an a in afghanistan where they were burning to ron's even though the incident was accidental but it ends up on video and it's counterproductive to american interests and image worldwide. considering the fight from the middle east have often been in muslim countries help of
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american muslims there in these wars. whoa there be an american muslims who fought and died in various combat situations around the world i personally know of. i'm an american muslim who served on tv in world war two. i hit the beaches on d day so that muslims have been in the military. they continue to be in the military thousands estimates upwards of eleven thousand muslims in being in our military. so these issues will continue to come up then again it's just the responsibility of the top officials to make sure that these things don't happen while protecting religious freedoms for all of the military personnel and military leadership and responsive to that. for the most part responsive it's a huge bureaucracy so sometimes it's hard to access that bureaucracy would usually when things are brought to their attention they handle them appropriately because they don't want the internal conflicts or to damage
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the music of the united states around the world. i think you have faith that he who are from the council on american islamic beliefs. and here. uk government is struggling to contain the rise of islamophobia at home or in some brads are making the job any easier the group of activists have started to patrol the streets and peaceful and in an armored vehicle as saying we want to protect people the hub asked by the radical muslims. as rt is there for the courts. not everyone is on board with the troubles the debate. cody is in a patrol in town. the hills of the small but neat coincidence and he chose a new thing for coakley calling themselves the recent past have responded by holding what they tout christy and her toes and this patrol comes complete with on a fake who fall through the delivery of the whole thing is all
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right but the telling them that they take to the streets in east london. we're waiting for. heading down the whitechapel road. what a week ago. on the road. for the whole of today. good to be described as moderates many of bed and is the full the bnp or eat seattle. they needed to differentiate themselves from the screen and since they don't want to be a safety to the findings i take such is the same plan and it started with and keep a chance to try and go out the muslims who chose to leave england to their show in sum then visit the great temple would be nice to rest when going on. to them problems with anyone on the line. most traders would carry that leads to it though they are to visit soon. but
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still seething be. that said a thing like eureka to listen to toast the time. east london mosque is being singled out by the christie and patrol the criticism the mosque say they feel cold in the middle and allowing the patrol cars and playing fudge alchemy icy relations. our communities and the phils written by his and takes them turning up to head any of the country in the home in toronto but is is it you know there is certainly putting across isps a strong message for the needs to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community will like this it's the striking out on london's streets and while there's not much to pull it to be found here i can. they voted it's too loud. ray. so what. yet
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again. it is it's going to be completely peaceful period and would be no achievements all of the real thing there's the potential for trouble. otherwise we'll think there's nothing we can do to avoid that topic. he had wanted to sleep. these men is a street rods lot of short films. this year and the tilt of the reason that i find it in the snow whipping snow. teagan is going to tulsa on two grounds. it can play it at the trials actually still racing. that will likely come in from az to policing comedic even nations lack is described as the area of london. despite the chrissy and patrol activity from this and tells it's a time not taken the bait. on the london einstein published in the journal of the interdisciplinary toxicology and suggests there could be i'll link between monsanto as herbicide called
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roundup ready and then pretend celiac disease and the us and europe. celiac disease is an auto immune disorder where the ingestion of gluten products. when we squeeze to the image of the small intestine the authors of the study proposed that blight the face of the active ingredient in the herbicide roundup is the most important causal factor in this epidemic the report states that licensing binds to the gluten and wheat in cars and inflammation. this can cause long term problems such as infertility birth the facts and increased the risk of non hodgkin's lymphoma. the study also states that this proposal has not been proven and further studies need to be done. monsanto the maker of the herbicide roundup. it tells the rta the current paper strings together numerous observations. many of which are controversial incredibly dark really established to a third of those causation. earlier i
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spoke with the raid saying the co founder of farm philly freedom coalition and i first asked her and we can show any conclusions here. well i think the city does offer some important questions the need to be like that but as the researchers that in the study say it's not conclusive. let's look into it more. let's get some attacks on the ground research going on this issue as if they can answer some questions that they brought not convinced that the moderation of research the team does bring out the outfits that are close to the advice of faith be so offended that are similar to celiac disease. today we had any idea how harmful but that is what we do have an idea of how harmful prices is because of other studies that have been done on it that that implication on the fence there. it all with official is much higher levels than what we're getting interference from that. so it's important to look at this look at it more and do some research on other animals and get some long term studies done on going to face the fact that they have this is really important a
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long term science. i'll round out in utah and gmo crops and the celiac disease foundation conceded that there has been no scientific evidence for it for a gm now with celiac disease. alinta. however there's been no clinical acumen that feeding trials up on internet pre engineered food either. so does this society created any advances and finding out the fact that the most un human loss and no one does not and i don't think the author's intended it to stand the london one a c moore studies done on the test and one really important things to note in all of that though is that people haven't experienced when they go on to him as including people who are gluten intolerant and if they find their bodies heal and one of the most important things or looking that way now is that often consumers have no way of knowing if jim as are interfering not because there's no way beyond genetically modified ingredients. and this is one tiny solution we can take to get the consumer says the average consumers the information they need to
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empower them to make the choices that they need for their diets. now though there's been no studies on india mullahs and their safety for chronically ill people do you believe that they're safe for people from elements as well. i can speak from experience and that is hearing from people who are chronically ill to get cia mossad of their diet they see an improved quality of life i think at that rate there is anecdotal but it's people's real life experience as an add something to take into consideration when looking at it and looking at opportunities for this research. tell me at odd hours of this study that ruling came by to say to you as celiac disease. the state that further testing is to be done and we were talking about this what kinds of hats and specific. do we need while we did some independent research time and institute for on at nih national institute of health for example or independent scientists who wanna take this on privately funded. we
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need this kind of research done the research coming out of the industry. it's getting somewhat biased results in favor of the product they're selling. no surprise there and wales in the long term scientific research done on this free in a short term studies were not given a lot of the long term once done so you don't think there should be any funds in the previous test. what is an opportunity for that. i think that i think all of these studies put another piece into the puzzle and can look at the data they think that when the most important things that we do need is privately funded research on this because it takes some of the bias had the whole of creation many of the privately funded research said the spread of petitions called the results of the well i suppose they could but it's a would be another piece of the puzzle. have any scientist or trip started with these additional test anywhere where are we in the testing phase. it's a it's really tough in it as it is because for example if we're lucky that genetically modified organisms no monsanto holds patents on a
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lot of these season and the technology intensive are called to do outside studies right now most of the cities are coming from inside the industry and again were missing so much information because we don't know what's in our city right now so because they have eyes on etsy the other orientations not use them to studies on them. and yesterday a feeling that the student is doing an answer. so this was the outright saying the co founder of firemen feeling of freedom of college the drug administration has been conducting meetings this week about the fertility procedure that uses the dna of notting hill. but the green people the purpose of curry and another person into the baby making process to eliminate some genetic defects in newborns. the signs have been successfully performed among teens and even on human and humans more than a decade ago now researchers would like the fda to allow it to be tested again on humans critics are raising critical ethical concerns saying
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the slippery slope that involves engineering humans and could lead to designer babies. got more about this i'm joined by archie producer rachel caribbean been comedian. we can so until we get on. i will but more about the meetings were going to empty this week shares then the question to consider is what's called michael country manipulation of them i know conjure and provides a scant amount of dna most and then da name the baby comes or as we now take in this firm has allowed it to consummate a country which is where all the energy comes from in the south so what they want to do what they've been able to do in monkeys is replace that my new country a of a woman who might have genetic defects. this is about one in four thousand children are affected by these mitochondrial defects and replace that with a healthy woman's honor country. so that's where you get taken in third person getting involved in the dna process so that the talks are very much limited to this one process of mitochondria manipulation and i really addressing that call concerned that are being
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raised for the ethical concerns but specifically related to this one. not counting the broader question of manipulating the sperm and tanks broccoli. ellie and we hear that to you is better than whining when she say that the resources that dna are better than jail. i know is who like to bring as many people in the data making process as possible so i dad dad more dna that matter. but what is being open to worry about this you know the name babies in this regard i think is a much bigger problem in this country in terms of baby peanut. it's every day. he announced and we're allowing that to happen it hits a meeting of the idiots in the main bout half with babies and you handle the latest on that night that's what i understand it exactly we should stop this now their master. i was effective you are covered with a great solution. no i'm not saying it to be legal i'm just saying maybe designer babies are not that big a problem as the idiots who run around this country
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not mean why why give birth to a walkie talkie in an i phone world. ryan. people love each other and finding the green prevented this maybe now and some science is the lawmakers their grieving red flags st week. this is the engineering humans when to let other concerns have you seen the reason this makes the whole indian designer babies you know it as this i think his energies can solve the issue we can only be selecting people were smarter i'd accuse people who are little more with it added that people attend themselves from the world as we know it did so and so that's the problem that people are saying that this is only when the technology available to the wealthy and that there would be able to from here it's a slippery slope anything from eye color to iq to accuracy when it comes to third in a spot in the streets they can be selected over time that someone concerned people at another concerned specifically related to my mind a condo manipulation is that we don't know what happens when you introduce that help the mitochondria into the into the gene pool
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right. so on were series of generations. there can be a lot of unintended consequences and that scares a lot of scientists who are speaking at the fda did. now we have a faster at the new york university school of medicine he raised the concern that because that's working monkey doesn't that say lenient and work in humans and presentation he was quoted saying what did i get good you have these monkeys on it you have them on a mcdonald's supersize stress test the brain drain their ingenuity without the macdonald said the science test that's the good thing is that good of the defendant the most of the suspects arrested in a gossamer site is a stress test. i know it is absolutely true that didn't and enough testing but we like to implore with things without enough testing of your last segment on geelong's was talking about where telling the staff learned to live on going forward into that tactic of that but you know at least in this case it'll be largely tested it seems on rich people. so are
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the bigger ones than able to afford my tok on drill exchanges so so nice for once rather than testing on them for people like madonna was nice enough who knows what the chicken paste might not get to do and people. i will be testing our people. and then you'll even be able to open up a market for help in my country is going to happen you know we can prevail and that non down the back of my income. the auctions and this can be unlimited. yes absolutely and fig and artsy raise their kids are crazy is an canadian linking france and spain. have you ever thought you might die from a broken heart. turn down or i miss something. according to a study by st george's university of london while a loved one doubles the risk of heart failure or stroke the report doctors themselves ah hock said our study showed the treatment can have a direct effect on the help of the heart. you're the perfect example of an eeyore couple married for sixty years after being
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hospitalized for a deadly leg injury and pale with miles apart from his wife for rain hail when she was hospitalized tool for congestive heart failure with only hours left to win when i heard the news he insisted on being by her side despite being on his deathbed he remarkably improved enough to be transferred to the hospital his wife was apt. they both passed away within hours for the hymns. and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for layering team now what can i guess the san francisco forty nine ers tight end vernon davis here's larry king and converting about his other sports endeavors. what does this with an honorary captain of the u s curling team. why would go to a different way you know one of the writers came to me in a few years back and she hates me. time to come out and i'm going
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beyond a few nights is coming when no one was. for now. you know i was open house open to do it. and i really enjoyed it. yes i did enjoy enjoy. it was fort mason goodman curler i'm just your ability to move. i'm only a billion come out with the best plan. if you saw him and all is all meant to use all means you have to be strong you know not to be. you can use in the week. you can be skinny we believe it it doesn't matter is the deadliest war it is a sport that is. it is as old as yet have to bring about the position that those guys even when they take off with style. i mean they're an island in position. you know they can tear their growing make him into the quiet anything so it is i support some tenants oh nine at nine pm on rtm america. at that but for now for more on the stories we cover to go to
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youtube dot com slash rt america. check out our website at rt dot com sized usa. you can follow me on twitter at kerry and dc who knew. uss on this edition of nice line it's thursday friday twenty seventh. i can think of and she and her camp the engine leaders of the ukraine have unveiled a cabinet to guide the country through a time of turmoil i say be yes and yes it was among those at the forefront of months of protests against the government of the ousted president of the attic of age now yes in europe will take over as prime minister thousands of people gathered where protesters and spent


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